Leur Existence-Tree Project

The trees that still live from the time of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima are called, Hibaku trees (A-bombed trees).

In the winter of 2008, from a tree of Dr. Riki Horiguchi in Hiroshima, Shanna Fliegel received seeds of Round Leaf Holly, Persimmon, Chinaberry, Firmiana simplex, Japanese Hackberry, Jujube trees that are the second or third generation of Hibaku Trees.

She has been giving these seeds to those who are interested in planting them both in the US and the world. By sharing these seeds, she would like to share the pleasure of growing plants, especially the plants from Hibaku seeds.

What a truly wonderful, life affirming idea...symbolically,
metaphorically, and of course as a real world project!

In December 2009, these grown seedlings will be exhibited at The Horticultural Society of New York.

Shanna’s blog and further info can be found at