Our Birthday...and bottled water

As we approach our twelfth anniversary on the web,
we've given ourselves a bit of a facelift in terms of
design and navigation.  We hope you like our new and
improved interface.  In the weeks ahead, we also look forward
to expanding both our links and categories.

In the meantime, something that caught our eye the other day,

Nicolas Kristof's op-ed piece in the NY Times about "phthalates".

...."These are ubiquitous in modern life, found in plastic bottles, cosmetics, some toys, hair conditioners, and fragrances — and many scientists have linked them to everything from sexual deformities in babies to obesity and diabetes."

So for those of us burning through bottled water on a daily basis, we may doing ourselves a lot more harm than good.  Not only in terms of creating massive landfill problems with
all these plastic containers, but also by increasing our exposure to dangerous chemical compounds in the process.

The NY Times op-ed page is one of the most influential 'daily reads' in the country,

and we were glad to see this issue, and Mr. Kristof's excellent summary in such
a bold and visible location.

His entire column can be found at:

Chemicals and Our Health