Yogis, the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney and Vegetarianism

Earlier this year, Paul McCartney "lashed out" at the Dalai Lama for not being a vegetarian.

McCartney lashes out at 'meat-eatingDalai Lama

When HH wrote him back, explaining that his doctors strongly requested that he incorporate meat 
into his diet for serious health reasons,
McCartney wrote back that "his doctors were wrong".   Jeez!

BTW, Tibet has always been a meat eating culture.  On this high altitude plateau, cultivation of crops

(aside from grains) is nearly impossible, and the Yak has always played a similar role to Tibetans
as the Buffalo did to Native Americans  (food, clothing, skins for tents & shelter, and Yak dung as 
a primary fuel source for cooking and heating). This has always been a conscious and thought-through
practice.for Tibetan Buddhists.  I recall that while in Tibet, I asked if Tibetans also ate rabbit and other

similar animals.  The answer was "absolutely not".  The reasoning being that taking the life of a
small creature can only feed one person, where a yak can feed (and clothe) a family for quite
a while.   A Nepalese Sherpa also confided in me that while it's against their beliefs, they
will also eat yak....as long as a non-Buddhist pushed the animal over a cliff.

Which brings us to a somewhat controversial and well written essay posted yesterday by

Sadie Nardini, co-owner of a NYC based yoga studio.
"Om Scampi: A Top Yogi Comes Out of the Meat-Eating Closet"

Her essay is certain to ruffle a number of feathers (sorry, inexcusable pun),
though some yoga folks I've spoken to in the past day seem to concur with
her overall thoughts on this subject.