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Experts and amateurs offer their recipes!

Epicurious over 14,000 recipes from Conde Nast's Gourmet, Bon Appetit, etc.
Recipe Source formerly SOAR from UC Berkeley, with 'over 70,000 recipes online
Spa Index large variety of spa inspired and sourced recipes
Muir Glen surprise.... these recipes include tomatoes "archive of 4,667 low fat vegetarian recipes"
Nasoya Foods from the makers of "Nayonaise," tofu recipes including, lasagna, burgers and chili
Mori-Nu tofu recipes
Lightlife from the maker of Fakin Bacon and Foney Baloney
Chile-Heads Recipes recipes with...... chiles!
Three Sisters Cookbook Native American Recipes from the Oneida Indian Nation
Creole and Cajun Recipe Page gumbos, jambalayas, etc. dedicated exclusively to many Indian ethnic cuisines
All India Site large link site with Indian recipes and info on regional cooking
Indolink Bengali, Goan and other regional recipes
Food-Nepal info, recipe and restaurant site of Nepali cuisine
VegWeb breakfast-to-dinner veggie recipes
Persian Cuisine Recipes rice dishes, stews, vegetable souffles...
Stuart's Chinese Recipes mostly chicken, beef, seafood
Filipino Vegetarian Recipes includes a glossary of Filipino vegetables
Indochef Indonesian dishes
Merry's Kitchen of Indonesian Recipes large collection
Rolling Your Own Sushi includes illustrations
New Zealand Wasabi Ltd interesting site with history, folklore and recipes
Malaysian Recipes small listing of popular recipes
Bangkok Cuisine Thai foods
Kosher Asian Recipes Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Laosian, Sri Lankan,Singaporean
June Meyer's Recipe Index Page selection of Hungarian recipes including goulash, stuffed cabbage, etc.
Hawthorne Lane recipes from this gourmet restaurant in San Francisco (meat, fish, poultry, pizza)
Living Tree Community interesting "nut-milk" recipes, also salads, dressings, entrees, dips/spreads and desserts
Green Chronicle beverage, baking, dessert and regional recipes from the UK
BaliGuidea basic Balinese recipes by Chef Heinz Van Holzen
Vitasoy variety of soy/tofu based recipes
Earthbound Farm nice selection of vegetable recipes from “featured chefs”
Applegate Farms organic breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizer recipes that use meat


Cary Neff currently executive chef at La Costa Resort and Spa. Cary also served as executive chef at Miraval Life in Balance Spa for eight years, and author of the New York Times bestseller “Conscious Cuisine”

Rick Bayless owner of Chicago’s Frontera Grill. Rick has expanded his role “as a sustainable foods advocate to that of a sustainable business advocate”.

Mark Simmons “you might remember Mark as the sweet, oddball Kiwi from “Top Chef” season 4. Following is a fun and interesting review from “Planet Green”.

Cal Stamenov Cal incorporates herbs, vegetables and myriad varieties of indigenous tomatoes he grows in his organic garden at Bernardus Lodge

Tony Baker executive chef at Montrio Bistro, Moneterry CA

Ted Walter/Cindy Walter owners of Passionfish, “The Walters helped launch the sustainable seafood movement in Monterey County through legislative advocacy, public presentations and educational forums for culinary students, restaurateurs and chefs.”