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Organic growing tips and advice!

General Info

Organic Gardening Magazine
Don't Panic Eat Organic "an organic growers home page"and comprehensive info/link resource
Dave’s Garden a massive web site with over 250 topic-specific forums
Bountiful Gardens “heirloom-untreated-open pollinated varieties for sustainable agriculture”
Howard Garret's "The Natural Way" a general information resource from "The Dirt Doctor"
Whitney Farms a lot of useful general information from this soils & fertilizer company
Organic Gardening Webring links to personal web pages of organic gardeners(non-commercial)
Earth Garden Magazine “Australia’original journal of sustainable living and alternatives”
Seattle Tilth "organic gardening in an urban setting."
The California Organic Foods Act of 1990
California Certified Organic Farmers
Indiana Certified Organic
Organic Certification in Nebraska
Canadian Organic Growers "a national information network for organic farmers, gardeners and consumers".
Institute of Organic Agriculture at the Uniivserity of Bonn this links to their English language page
Organic Vegetable Gardening Guru "hands-on" general info site
Gardening-Advice tips and reviews. Organic, vegetable and indoor gardening
From Down Under organic gardening info and tips from Australia
Judy Barrett's Homegrown an e-zine devoted to "good sense organic gardening for Texas"
Alameda County Waste Management "We offer a variety of resources / waste management practices (including composting resources and workshops)"
Avant-Gardening "using organic gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth".
Basic Info for Organic Gardening "provides information for the beginner to organic gardening"
Rain Barrel Guide a resource on rainwater harvesting systems and methods
Aaron’s Rain Barrels “connect directly to your rain gutters, have overflow valves”. In traditional wood or plastic
EasyHydroponics overflowing with useful information and tips
Lettuce Growing Tips “with an emphasis on natural and organic gardening techniques”.
Cucumber Growing Tips from the same folks as above, focused on natural/organic gardening
Garden Trivia a cute page of historical facts from the folks at Heirloom Seeds
Gardening by the Moon “gardening by the phases of the moon is a technique that can speed germination of your seeds by working with the forces of nature”

Soils & Fertilizers

Building Your Soil some basic information about the relationship of earthworms and soil
Whitney Farms extensive line of soils & fertilizers, as well as a lot of useful general information
Golden Harvest natural fertilizer
EchoChem fertilizer, soil conditioners and plant growth stimulants
Mother Earth Organics soil nurturing products
BioVam "mycorrhizal root and soil inoculant, auxiliary soil and plant substance"
Earth Care Products earth worm castings
Terra Viva Organics natural fertilizers, seeds and predatory insects
EcoChem "natural alternatives that contribute to sustainable agricultural development and environmental protection"
Terra Viva Organics predatory insects, seeds and natural fertilizers
Gotta-Gro natural soil enhancer
North Country Organics "natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and environmentally compatible pest controls"
Green Planet organic fertilizers and pesticides


Rot Web an intoduction to home composting
Composters online retailer promoting eco-friendly garden products, tools and accessories
Worm Man's Worm Farm worms, worms...and worms.
Alameda County Waste Management "We offer a variety of resources / waste management practices (including composting resources and workshops)"
Red Worms for Sale red worms, European Nightcrawlerss, worm bins and accessories

Seeds & Seedlings

Santa Barbara Heirloom Nursery organic seedling nursery, shipping everything from artichokes to watermelons.
Seeds of Change, Inc. open-pollinated vegetable herb and flower seeds
Terra Viva Organics seeds, natural fertilizers and predatory insects
Mumm's Sprouting Seeds "quantities can be from a package to a container load"
Mooarhill Farm selection of herbs, vegetables, heirloom and hybrid varieties
High Mowing Organic Seeds vegetables, flowers, herbs, supplies, heirlooms, hybrids and pelleted seeds
Park Seed “more than 50 certified organic seed varieties
The Natural Gardening Company “the oldest certified organic nursery in the U.S.”
Peaceful Valley “the largest, most comprehensive selection of organic seed garlic.” Also fertilizers, pest control and general organic garden products.
Heirloom Seeds vast variety and selection of heirloom seeds, some dating back to the 1840’s
Bountiful Gardens “heirloom-untreated-open pollinated varieties for sustainable agriculture”